15 July, 2016

Something Different

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but then again, it is a good winter game to play.  I recently thought I should ask to borrow this game for the holidays.  Didn't think of it again with all the crazy stuff going on at the end of term.

Funny how things turn out & the subject of the Sjoelen comes up & here we are with dad's sjoelbak so we can have games with the boys.  Turns out we will probably get one of our down the track.

The boys are enjoying it so far.  It is certainly bringing out the competitiveness in us.  Stuart keeps winning though.  Why is that?  hmph...  I will have to practice next week when everyone is at work & school again.  lol

This is a Dutch game as far as I know.  Very popular in Europe still I believe.  Coming from a dutch family I guess it is no surprise that we have it available to us.

Want to know the best thing?  The whole family can play together, it doesn't plug in, it doesn't need to be recharged & if the weather keeps knocking the power out we will still be able to play!   Sums up life this week.  bwahahahaha

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Bron said...

Wow never heard of it....sounds like the perfect game to while away some time xxx