30 November, 2014


A portrait of my once a week for a year.

Christmas decorating day!  Much anticipation & craziness...  

Excuse the fact that they are in their pjs & that they are matching!  lol  

not long to go now!  Wow, can't believe the time that's flown by...
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24 November, 2014

Rainy Day & Monday

I wasn't going to let this rainy Monday get me down!  

I really couldn't be bothered with a great deal, but while DJ was happy eating his lunch I dug out a quilt that mum & I basted last week on our basting day.  

Was nice actually.  Fiddly quilting it was but will make it effective I think.  

23 November, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Stuart asked for a sad from from him.  He couldn't do it...  lol

DJ - such a poser.

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22 November, 2014

Sewing Saturday

A while back I had seen on the Attic24 blog, a link to a pattern for a Minecraft creature.  I don't know them particularly but BJ sure does.  He knows all about this darned game.  But you know what?  He has never actually played it!  Anyway, there is a link to an Enderman thingy so he wanted one.  Of course.  Well I had it cut out & decided he could sew some!  How hard can whip stitching be?  He managed mostly.  He got impatient & did huge stitches to get done faster.  I told him the guts would fall out if he did that, which did of course bring a smile to the face of the boy that was getting crabby that he wasn't doing it right the first time.  (wonder where he gets that from?)  So far we have done a head only but he has carried it around all day.  Need the pattern?  Here it is...

Two weeks ago I had cut out these pants.   (actually I think I cut some out last year too, really should find that stuff...)  

Anyway, I sat down to sew them.  It was a weird weather day today so sewing was a good idea really!  These are a pattern by Make it Perfect - Little Explorer.  They are good patterns for learning to make clothes with I think.  I am really not a seamstress.  But these were amazingly easy!  I think they wouldn't take more than an hour to cut out & sew them up.  I was making a big pair for DJ but they were way to big for him, but fit BJ quite well.  He could do with them longer maybe but really they do the job & he finally has a pair of shorts that don't fall off him!  Made to measure!  What could be better!  He is so skinny & tall - these are actually the size 4...   They are made of navy drill with a nice touch of whales on the cuffs.  Didn't have enough of that left to do a pocket on the back.  Not that they need one, it's more for show.  

Then after all that BJ time, DJ was feeling a bit left out...  

This week at work we got some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.  Ummm... yeah, what a con.  I broke my own rule of not buying any for a month when it has just come in.  But I think that's OK if I actually take it home & make it already!  This is of course my go to hat pattern that I have lost count of how many I have made, another Make it Perfect one - Lazy Day Hat.  

So he's happy.  Except he wants an Enderman too.  Of course he does.  (head thump here - must remember to cut out 2 of these things at a time instead of one!)...  

21 November, 2014

Getting Closer

Nearing the end!  I have done the last of the 35 squares for my blanket.  Ahhh.....

Nice square but not sure about my colour placement.  

Never ending Love square

OK to make.  Was quick at least.  Would be better one one colour or maybe 2.  But oh well, it's done & it's one I hadn't tried before.  

Now the job of joining...  stay tuned...

17 November, 2014

Crochet Along Is Done

Well it's been 40 weeks of posting squares for our Ravelry group to make together.  Wow, that makes the year just fly along!  (like it needs help!)  

I have finished them!  I didn't think I would that's for sure.  

Here is square no. 19.  Magic Spike Mandala square.  A great square to make, if you do it right.  This was my second attempt as I screwed up the first right in the centre!  I never noticed till trying to square up the circle.  So I just ditched that & started over.  My colour order is different in the second one though.  I did the "web like" pieces in white on that first one.  I think I like this version better.  It was meant to be...  

Square 20 is Miss Ineeda's Matchmaker Square.  It's pretty but boy were those "tulips" a pain.  They aren't right I'm sure as there is too much red showing under that blue row.  But I wasn't undoing it all for the 5th time!  

This is square no 16.  Centre Heart Square.  I had started this some time back but ditched it as the heart bit was messing with my mind & nothing would work right.  So I threw it away.  lol  I had no intention of doing it again actually but I also had to try again as I don't like to let them beat me.  I had the house to myself for a bit & had nothing else to work on so sat & did it.  It worked out this time with close counting.  So miracle of miracles it's done.  

So there you go!  That's the end of the CAL.  Quite an achievement again, 20 squares done.  I found that I had 30 squares already in this colour way & have now added these 3 so I need to decide on 35 or 36 all up, which means I have to pick another couple.  Then I can join them & finish it off! 

16 November, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - playing with an assortment of stuff, acting, making noises, imagination is huge with this boy...

DJ - tired...  very tired...  Saturday swimming lessons wear you out & you tucked yourself on the couch with your blanket.  

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09 November, 2014


 A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ -  playing a card game that you made up using the Woolies animal cards!

DJ - coming along at swimming at an amazing pace...  floating on your own!  So proud of you little guy!  & yes, you can keep asking me if I was & I will keep saying yes!  

05 November, 2014

Some Knitting...

I have had this yarn (Cascade 220 Aran Superwash) at home ready to make this cowl for a friend.  My favourite Honey Cowl which is a nice knit.  I had to get something on the needles before I went out with my knitty friends from our Ravelry group for lunch.  (best lunch ever!  Wow, so good!)  So I got a bit of this done.  

I did get it finished on the weekend in between everything else, while suffering foggy head from stitching...  arghhh...  

& just because...
I do giggle at what I find on the camera sometimes when I load the pictures.


03 November, 2014

Think I'm Done

Another 5 ornaments done in the last 2 weeks.  I just stitched these & then spent a bit of time finishing them all off together.  I have about 85 of these things now!  Maybe I had better stop soon!  

Maybe..... for now...


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Making...  & concentrating.  

DJ - ready for bed.  

Linking up with the 52 project.