17 November, 2014

Crochet Along Is Done

Well it's been 40 weeks of posting squares for our Ravelry group to make together.  Wow, that makes the year just fly along!  (like it needs help!)  

I have finished them!  I didn't think I would that's for sure.  

Here is square no. 19.  Magic Spike Mandala square.  A great square to make, if you do it right.  This was my second attempt as I screwed up the first right in the centre!  I never noticed till trying to square up the circle.  So I just ditched that & started over.  My colour order is different in the second one though.  I did the "web like" pieces in white on that first one.  I think I like this version better.  It was meant to be...  

Square 20 is Miss Ineeda's Matchmaker Square.  It's pretty but boy were those "tulips" a pain.  They aren't right I'm sure as there is too much red showing under that blue row.  But I wasn't undoing it all for the 5th time!  

This is square no 16.  Centre Heart Square.  I had started this some time back but ditched it as the heart bit was messing with my mind & nothing would work right.  So I threw it away.  lol  I had no intention of doing it again actually but I also had to try again as I don't like to let them beat me.  I had the house to myself for a bit & had nothing else to work on so sat & did it.  It worked out this time with close counting.  So miracle of miracles it's done.  

So there you go!  That's the end of the CAL.  Quite an achievement again, 20 squares done.  I found that I had 30 squares already in this colour way & have now added these 3 so I need to decide on 35 or 36 all up, which means I have to pick another couple.  Then I can join them & finish it off! 

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Anonymous said...

I love them, especially the colours. Outstanding really.