27 May, 2012

This Was Meant To Be A Creative Space

It took me ages to even get around to putting one picture on this post the other day so I better give up on the Creative Space play along this week & just get them posted anyhow!  lol  It's been another one of those weeks when it is busy as anything but nothing to show for it really!

So some rainbows to brighten the wet, wet, wet weather we have had this week.  The top one is Tilt-A-Whirl which I did for the first blanket.  I had to try it in this multi-colour version!  Quite nice!  It tilted a whole lot more this time though.  Probably because of the colour changes so much.

The one below is Eyelet Lace Square.  It was going to be my choice for the current CAL but I don't like it. Didn't like the pattern to read & did like working it.  So I won't put the group through the trouble.  So hopefully my change of square will be much nicer for the group to make.

Happy Sunday!

26 May, 2012

My Place And Yours - Last Thing I Bought

It's Saturday our new day for My Place & Yours.  Come & play won't you!  If you are new to meme's, don't be shy.  This was one of my favourites in the past.  I enjoy spying on other people's stuff!  heheheh... go on, admit it, you do to!  

The last thing I bought was yesterday when I got the start of my KnitPro collection.  I got an 80cm cable & the 3.75 needles.  But I am hoping mum makes it to the shop today to get me the 60cm cable cos this one is too long.  I really love this interchangeable system!  So there you go!  That's my big splurge this week! 

Pop on over to join in the My Place & Yours party won't you & join along so I can spy on your place too!  

21 May, 2012

My Place And Yours

So here is an old revived meme back again.  It's done it's rounds of a few different homes now but it has a new home over at Waste Not Do Want.  So check on over there & join in the fun.  I'm a bit slow cos it starts on Saturday but that's ok.  

This weeks theme for the meme is the third drawer down.  Any bunch of drawers in your house you pick.  I went for the kitchen drawers.  It's a hodge podge of bits.  Bamix, hand mixer, mum's old cookie presser outter, the essential piece of tupperware - the jar opening mat, I think there is even the tupperware hamburger presser thing which I have never used but was recently given by mum.  It was my stepdads.  He loved his tupperware hamburger thingy.  I think he used to make roo patties with it.  Ekkk...  Also a couple of spare tupperware scoops.  I have loads of those actually.  When I went to a party I used to try to get scoops in the games.  lol  (somehow in another cupboard I have a truck load of all the other game gifts there too!  (They end up all over the place regularly thanks to DJ!)  

Anyhow, go visit our hostess & play along won't you!  

20 May, 2012

The Week That Went Very Fast

It really is scary how fast the days, weeks & months are flying by!  It's just beyond comprehension at times, that it is almost the middle of the year.  Before long we will be talking & preparing for Christmas again, though did we only just have Christmas last week?  

The past week went by in a blur really.  I hate being so busy all week long with the two young ones, especially when you have to lug them around to here & there & they get tired & cranky as a result.  It's crazy really how busy we seem to be.  I must say this week wasn't a regular one so hopefully it will all calm down in the coming weeks.  We actually have school holidays in a couple of weeks so some of our usual activities will stop so that will be great.  A really good time to recharge & just take some time out from having to race out the door everyday.  

If you read my previous post about our anniversary, that was an odd day as we did an airport run.  It was good though as it was a double in one trip, with a drop off & pick up all in one.  Plus we got to go into the city for a look around.  It is a bit of a spin out when you realise how long it has been since you were there when you find out the shop you were looking for hasn't been there for 2 years!  Ekkk....  I just don't get to shop like I used to.  When I say shop I mean, I don't get to go to the places that I used to go for a look at a bit more regularly.  But that's ok, it's not like I need anything.  Picked up a few good deals in kids clothing & finished the birthday shopping for the big boy.  We didn't get out for dinner, just the 2 of us until Friday night.  We went to Mexican.  I'd been craving it for a couple of years now!  Ok, so that craving is fixed now.  Nearly made myself sick trying to eat it all.  I never do that.  But it was yummy.  Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before we get there.  

In the meantime I have done a little bit of crochet.  Just a little mind, & that took ages to get finished each time!  The first pic below is the second in our crochet along.  It's called Far Pavilion.  Nice square to create & simple enough.  The one below is just an extra I have done to add to my rainbows.  It's called Eye of the Beholder.  Such a long name for a square!  It's pretty cool looking though.  

This afternoon I have a meet up with the locals from one of our groups on Ravelry!  It's great fun getting together with all the knitters & crocheters.  Of course it helps that we have good coffee & chocolate to enjoy while we knit or crochet in the cafe!  Hope your day is good & sunny & filled with sweet treats too!  

16 May, 2012


This speaks for itself really!  I love it.  Gave it to Stuart this morning.  Not a good pictures as I had to avoid the reflection on the glass.

Purchased from here.  Check it out.  What a great gift these make.  There are other types if you want a wedding one, or a baby one, even a cool eye chart you can personalise!

Have a nice day won't you!

10 May, 2012

My Creative Space

We have yet another rainbow square today.  I enjoyed this one.  I did have a little play around with the centre working out how best to highlight the central piece.  I find the pattern will disappear depending on how you change colours on the rounds.  So this was another fun one out of the 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares book.  It's called Autumn Leaves.  I had done a couple of others with circles in the centre so needed to square it up a little!  I did add an extra row of the V-stitch to make it a little bigger.  I won't do many more of the ones in that book for now as mostly they are too small.  I will see how bored I get with the ones on Ravelry.

Our home for Creative Spaces has moved to pop over to the new home today & visit some others!

09 May, 2012

Addicted To Rainbows

I do like to crochet!  It's so easy to pick up & put down.  That's the current appeal in my lifestyle at the moment.  I can drop it quickly & work some up for a good result quite quickly.  If the boys (accidentally of course!) get caught up in the yarn & it pulls the stitches undone, it's no big deal!  So that is why I am currently doing these squares!  I started the new crochet along last week.  We have done one square for that so far.  I am looking forward to Sunday & a new pattern posted.  In the meantime I have repeated a couple more that I did in my first blanket.  The top one is Kata.  It was a nice square the first time I did it.  It also lends itself now to some good colour changes so it suited my rainbow.  I did actually start one of these in a random colour order & not the Roy G Biv version.  I didn't like it.  It didn't work.  I have kept it as so far it will make a good smaller square.  But I started over in the rainbow colour order & ended up with a much more pleasing look.  

I really liked the one below too, when I did it the first time.  It's Lilac Time.  Another one that went well with the rainbow order but I was able to change it up a little with the extra white rows.  Quite happy with that.  It's been fun experimenting.  At least with these I can pick & choose.  I am going to have a battle I think when the new squares are picked each fortnight.  I think it will be interesting to see what I can do with my rainbow & I reckon I will have a few more test squares to show for that.  I will try not to undo them all but keep them going for a whole other blanket.  Should make it interesting!    

If you crochet, you should give these squares a go!  They are addictive!  

06 May, 2012

The Weekend

So, what do I decide to do at 9pm on Friday night?  Make a quilt of course!  Weird time to decide such a thing but I did.  I was sitting there wasting time trying to decide what I felt like doing!  It was too late to start a new crochet square it seemed so I didn't!  But hey, why not start a bloomin' quilt instead!   (yeah I don't get the reasoning going on in my head either! )

I had this pattern picked out of the Jelly Roll Inspirations book already as I got the book particularly for it!  I had had a little play with the jelly roll a while back.  Now I had this sudden urge to sew it though!  So Friday night I got a bunch of strips sewn up.  Saturday afternoon during nap time was the next part of the strips.  Saturday night was the centre panel.  Sunday & the borders are added & there you go, one quilt top!  The fabric range is from Moda, called Pure by Sweetwater.  I never really got into jelly rolls but this particular range I fell in love with a few years ago when it came out.  Now I must say having the strips all cut ready is a huge help though you do create a lot of fluff about you from the edges!  Minor problem of course!  I'm quite pleased with it.  Now I just need to get the batting, some backing & quilt it!  Ideally I would like to get that done in the next week so I can give it to someone the week after but I don't know if that will happen in that time.  But either way I can "give" it up to where I am at at the time I reckon!  Yes I decided it would be perfect to give away!  But not to just anyone!  Stay tuned for that one!  hehehehe...

It was actually a quick top to sew up.  The thing that took the longest I think was cutting the bits off the brown triangles after they were sewn on.  But even so it didn't take terribly long!  The really cool thing though in all of that is that I still managed to get some crap jobs done around the house as well!  Those jobs that I had no intention of starting on but they just happened to get done!  So that's pretty cool!  Now I better resume with the ones that do need to get done though!

Hoping your weekend was a productive & fun one too!

03 May, 2012

My Creative Space

Here we go again!  New crochet along has started!  I really enjoyed the previous one but never really loved my colour choice which at the time was based on yarn I had on hand.  

This one is again, but this is going to be done in a whole bunch of rainbow colours that I have.  This first square is called Amber Waves & was nice & simple.  A really nice way to begin!  We are only doing new squares every 2 weeks this time instead of every week, but I will do some others in between I expect!  

Do you crochet?  Want to play along with the Crochet along?  It's on Ravelry.  Are you a member over there?  If you are, there is a discussion thread for it especially!  Check out the thread here.  There is no pressure!  If you decide to join & then can't down the track that's cool!  There are no crochet police over there!  You do what you can do!  It's good fun & nice to share the progress with everyone involved!  It must have been fun the first time around as we all wanted to keep in touch with each other enough to start another one!  lol  

Want to see some other creative people today too?  Check them out won't you?