03 May, 2012

My Creative Space

Here we go again!  New crochet along has started!  I really enjoyed the previous one but never really loved my colour choice which at the time was based on yarn I had on hand.  

This one is again, but this is going to be done in a whole bunch of rainbow colours that I have.  This first square is called Amber Waves & was nice & simple.  A really nice way to begin!  We are only doing new squares every 2 weeks this time instead of every week, but I will do some others in between I expect!  

Do you crochet?  Want to play along with the Crochet along?  It's on Ravelry.  Are you a member over there?  If you are, there is a discussion thread for it especially!  Check out the thread here.  There is no pressure!  If you decide to join & then can't down the track that's cool!  There are no crochet police over there!  You do what you can do!  It's good fun & nice to share the progress with everyone involved!  It must have been fun the first time around as we all wanted to keep in touch with each other enough to start another one!  lol  

Want to see some other creative people today too?  Check them out won't you?  


Roz said...

Your colour choice is delightful.

Bron said...

Wow you are motivated with your crocheting....you'll have so many lovely projects by the end of winter. x

Sally said...

Love love love those colours! Yep. I'm up for it. Will pop by ravelry tomorrow to check it out. Too tired just now. O looks to be cutting four teeth at once. Poor thing. He does ok during the day but at night he is an unhappy chappy.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

That's a beautiful granny square. I do crochet, and I am on Ravelry but dont know if I'm committed enough to join in...am definitely going to check it out though. Happy hooking!