27 May, 2012

This Was Meant To Be A Creative Space

It took me ages to even get around to putting one picture on this post the other day so I better give up on the Creative Space play along this week & just get them posted anyhow!  lol  It's been another one of those weeks when it is busy as anything but nothing to show for it really!

So some rainbows to brighten the wet, wet, wet weather we have had this week.  The top one is Tilt-A-Whirl which I did for the first blanket.  I had to try it in this multi-colour version!  Quite nice!  It tilted a whole lot more this time though.  Probably because of the colour changes so much.

The one below is Eyelet Lace Square.  It was going to be my choice for the current CAL but I don't like it. Didn't like the pattern to read & did like working it.  So I won't put the group through the trouble.  So hopefully my change of square will be much nicer for the group to make.

Happy Sunday!


Bron said...

The rainbow colours are gorgeous....a whole blanket would look pretty special. xx

Sally said...

Loving these too...