26 May, 2012

My Place And Yours - Last Thing I Bought

It's Saturday our new day for My Place & Yours.  Come & play won't you!  If you are new to meme's, don't be shy.  This was one of my favourites in the past.  I enjoy spying on other people's stuff!  heheheh... go on, admit it, you do to!  

The last thing I bought was yesterday when I got the start of my KnitPro collection.  I got an 80cm cable & the 3.75 needles.  But I am hoping mum makes it to the shop today to get me the 60cm cable cos this one is too long.  I really love this interchangeable system!  So there you go!  That's my big splurge this week! 

Pop on over to join in the My Place & Yours party won't you & join along so I can spy on your place too!  


Bron said...

Hey not being a pro knitter...I don't know what that is that you have bought....you learn something every click of the mouse these days...happy knitting and weekending xxx

Jackie Proctor said...

I am a knitter and had never heard of Knit Pro. Great weather for knitting, enjoy.

quilary said...

I'm not sure what you've got either, but I agree with you about loving to have a bit of a snoop at what everyone is willing to share.

Cherie said...

Me too, I've no idea what Pro Kintter is Mandy ;) You've certainly started something here now ;) Love to know more when you get time please.

Sally said...

Oooo... do I need those? I'm yet to have a knitting needle collection... should I just go with those ones???

I didn't play along last week... boo-hoo the only thing I'd recently bought was toys for kids parties and they were already wrapped!