06 May, 2012

The Weekend

So, what do I decide to do at 9pm on Friday night?  Make a quilt of course!  Weird time to decide such a thing but I did.  I was sitting there wasting time trying to decide what I felt like doing!  It was too late to start a new crochet square it seemed so I didn't!  But hey, why not start a bloomin' quilt instead!   (yeah I don't get the reasoning going on in my head either! )

I had this pattern picked out of the Jelly Roll Inspirations book already as I got the book particularly for it!  I had had a little play with the jelly roll a while back.  Now I had this sudden urge to sew it though!  So Friday night I got a bunch of strips sewn up.  Saturday afternoon during nap time was the next part of the strips.  Saturday night was the centre panel.  Sunday & the borders are added & there you go, one quilt top!  The fabric range is from Moda, called Pure by Sweetwater.  I never really got into jelly rolls but this particular range I fell in love with a few years ago when it came out.  Now I must say having the strips all cut ready is a huge help though you do create a lot of fluff about you from the edges!  Minor problem of course!  I'm quite pleased with it.  Now I just need to get the batting, some backing & quilt it!  Ideally I would like to get that done in the next week so I can give it to someone the week after but I don't know if that will happen in that time.  But either way I can "give" it up to where I am at at the time I reckon!  Yes I decided it would be perfect to give away!  But not to just anyone!  Stay tuned for that one!  hehehehe...

It was actually a quick top to sew up.  The thing that took the longest I think was cutting the bits off the brown triangles after they were sewn on.  But even so it didn't take terribly long!  The really cool thing though in all of that is that I still managed to get some crap jobs done around the house as well!  Those jobs that I had no intention of starting on but they just happened to get done!  So that's pretty cool!  Now I better resume with the ones that do need to get done though!

Hoping your weekend was a productive & fun one too!


Bron said...

Oh wow now I know you are a crazy woman....well no crazier than the rest of us crafters I guess......the quilt is fantastic x

Sally said...

What the? Too late to start a square but not too late to start a quilt!!! Yep. Crazy for certain.