09 May, 2012

Addicted To Rainbows

I do like to crochet!  It's so easy to pick up & put down.  That's the current appeal in my lifestyle at the moment.  I can drop it quickly & work some up for a good result quite quickly.  If the boys (accidentally of course!) get caught up in the yarn & it pulls the stitches undone, it's no big deal!  So that is why I am currently doing these squares!  I started the new crochet along last week.  We have done one square for that so far.  I am looking forward to Sunday & a new pattern posted.  In the meantime I have repeated a couple more that I did in my first blanket.  The top one is Kata.  It was a nice square the first time I did it.  It also lends itself now to some good colour changes so it suited my rainbow.  I did actually start one of these in a random colour order & not the Roy G Biv version.  I didn't like it.  It didn't work.  I have kept it as so far it will make a good smaller square.  But I started over in the rainbow colour order & ended up with a much more pleasing look.  

I really liked the one below too, when I did it the first time.  It's Lilac Time.  Another one that went well with the rainbow order but I was able to change it up a little with the extra white rows.  Quite happy with that.  It's been fun experimenting.  At least with these I can pick & choose.  I am going to have a battle I think when the new squares are picked each fortnight.  I think it will be interesting to see what I can do with my rainbow & I reckon I will have a few more test squares to show for that.  I will try not to undo them all but keep them going for a whole other blanket.  Should make it interesting!    

If you crochet, you should give these squares a go!  They are addictive!  

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Sally said...

They both look brilliant but that first one is super duper beautiful. So loving the rainbow colours. I've got the first square for the crochet along printed but yet to get stuck in... will be trying very hard to get it finished by Sunday because I can be a bit square and would hate to fall behind... especially at the very beginning :)

This rainbow blanket of yours is going to be wonderful. So special. Oh yeah... and before I forget - stick a safety pin - one of those nappy ones - in your last stitch and then the little darlings can't unravel your work :)