02 July, 2016

Birthday Celebrations Begin

DJ had seen the bowling alley recently when BJ went for a party.  So we decided we would go bowling today for him for an early birthday treat.  

The bonus was that my brother & his partner arrived yesterday so they came too!  Been such a very long time since us grown up had bowled.  Reminded me of how much fun we used to have.  We all really enjoyed it, but DJ did especially.  Was funny to watch him try to shift that ball.  I bowled bumper with the boys.  The 3 other grown ups used the next lane.  

An afternoon treat of the most vibrant rainbow I think I have ever seen...  


Anonymous said...

I love rainbows. This looks very close. reckon the boys had fun in the bowling alley and you probably did too. Good start to holidays.

Bron said...

Anh bowling is so fun . We haven't been for ages either. The bumper lanes are good for the kids and some big people too. Xxx