30 June, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Big boy back at school.
  • Some time to get a few things done.
  • Some kids that have taken to learning to knit easily.
  • The perseverance of those that haven't got it quite so easily.
  • A kinder teacher that let me do a parent help after 2 weeks of having to keep crossing my name off.
  • A break now from term activities.
  • Great reports.

PS...  even the dog is sick of the rain!  Juneau barely moves if she can help it.  


Anonymous said...

Good news that the big boy is well enough to go to school again.
No doubt he will catch up with everything very quickly.

Bron said...

It is fun to get in the classroom to be mummy helper...I am sure the teacher was just grateful for the help even if it was later than you wanted....enjoy the holidays. Xxx