24 June, 2016

More Mukluks

It's amazing what you can manage while sitting waiting for a boy to do his school work on a morning.  Lucky I don't home school though as I really don't have any patience for that.  Neither do the boys!  

This wee little mukluk is one I managed in a morning while listening to BJ read or while he did other school work.  It's for work with some left over yarn from there.  It will look cute sitting there.  The yarn sure looks pretty for a little girl too.  

But wait, there are more of course.  Bigger ones!  I did these in one & a half days!  Amazing what you can when you are listening to reading, while it is bucketing down outside & you just don't feel like moving much at all.  I would have loved to put an extra couple of rolls on the top of these but I worked it out to the three on the first one by the weight of the ball.  I figured I would get the pair out of one 100gm ball which I did, with almost nothing to spare.  That's pretty good really.  Not sure if I am keeping these yet, or sending them to a friend.  They sure look cool though.  I like colour!  

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