27 June, 2016

Taking Stock - June

Making :  slippers for anyone that cares to wear them.
Cooking :  simple home cooking after a couple of weeks of crazy meals.
Drinking :  herbal tea at bed time.  Chamomile really does seem to help.
Reading:  Mercy Street   -  Tess Evans
Wanting:  normalcy.  
Looking:  Forward to the holidays
Playing:  Candy Crush
Deciding:  what to knit next.
Wishing: I didn't feel so tired.  lol
Enjoying:  watching episodes of The Bill on iview.
Waiting:  for a new series I can binge watch.
Liking:  the movie Inside Out.
Loving:  the movie Zootopia
Pondering: things to do in the holidays, kind of...
Considering:  a birthday cake creation.
Buying:  birthday presents.
Watching: Love Child season 3!
Hoping:  we don't do much in the school holidays
Marvelling:  at how kids recover from sickness/stuff so quickly...  
Needing:  more hours in a day
Smelling: chamomile & honey
Wearing:  all my knitted stuff!  but not quite all at once.  lol
Following:  kind of, half following Masterchef...  
Thinking:  still about our hospital time.
Admiring:  both of my boys teachers this year...
Sorting:  just stuff that accumulates on the bench tops!  
Disliking:  customers that are on the phone in the shop.
Opening: parcels of Lego Disney minifigures.
Snacking:  anything I can find at the moment! 
Helping:  some of the interested kids at our school to learn to knit.  
Hearing:  a lot of complaining & arguing......  argh.
Worrying:  how will BJ go at school this week.  
Celebrating:  DJ's birthday next week.
Forgetting: not as much as I would have thought this month!
Winning: not much on the mother front these days it seems!  lol
Sneaking:  chocolate as usual

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Anonymous said...

That is a LONG "Taking Stock" list. You did well to remember all of that.