12 December, 2009

My Place and Yours - Five Minutes Peace

Back once more for the My Place & Yours meme thanks to our hostess Pip. This week the theme of "Five minutes of Peace" came from Pilgrim. She wondered where our home sanctuary is, or where we retreat for five minutes of sanity! Is there such a thing?

Well I decided I had to reuse this picture of my desk/computer. (reused from the previous meme about where we compute!) No point taking a new picture as we are moving & stuff is everywhere so it is even more messy than this! Currently I get up between 6-7am. Usually Stu has already gone to work & so I grab a cuppa & some blogs to read & will sit for half an hour if I possibly can, until BJ is awake. His timing changes a lot day to day so I may get lucky like on Thursday when he slept until 9.30am & we didn't have to have rushed out the door to work. Wow, that was a bonus! But other days, like Friday he is awake at 6am as well! You just never can tell. So I feel very lucky to get a nice peaceful half hour start to my day. What a great start it is with a good cuppa in hand & some good inspirational crafty blogs to read. It makes for a busy day usually as there are so many ideas running around in my head that I have to get out there & do a lot! I am sure the days when I get that good half hour in I actually do get more done in the day than if I don't! But the more you read the more crafty ideas you come across & the more things you really must try! lol

Computer One,
Where did she run?
Computer One.
Computer One - Dear Enemy


The Back Shed said...

Early morning is such a nice time to have a little quiet. The world gets very noisy and busy as the day goes by. A quiet start sets us up for a better day.

Pilgrim Lee said...

oh i so wish i was a 'lark' and could have a morning of alone-time... but i just can't tear myself out of bed until its really necessary! great post ;)

thanks for playing along with my theme this week!

Vic said...

Ah, morning blog rounds - I know where you're coming from... although I sleep in a little later than you when I can!