06 December, 2009

On a roll...

All I have done this week is make more block sets. I have sold a couple more including the Jolly Barnyard set from the previous post! I was pretty excited about that. These 2 sets are now on Madeit.com. They are Colors are Nice & Richard Scarry's ABC. They are really cute. I love the first set. The pictures are just so appealing to me.

Not much else going on really, as it's all just busy, busy, busy at home cleaning & packing stuff. Less than a month now till we can move! 29 sleeps! lol It is going to become very weird before to long, as it gets closer & closer. I hope I don't get there & decide I want to come back here to MY house! lol At least if that does happen I will still be able to at some point. lol

I know I'm right
For the first time in my life
That's why I tell you
You'd better be home soon
That's why I tell you
You'd better be home soon
Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House

1 comment:

plushka said...

I love the blocks sets that you make! I used to have a set as a child with the animals on it. Off to your shop to look around:)

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