11 December, 2009

Just sitting here playing & buying! As you do!

I have been wanting to try these stars for a while now. But I am one of these people that doesn't like to start something else while I am doing something. So while I am making granny squares, I prefer to just keep going with that project - in crochet. That doesn't mean I can't do some blocks, cross stitch, felt stuff, or whatever else I have been doing lately. But today, feeling a bit of a need of a change & a rest I remembered to take some red cotton/acrylic with me. This is the yarn I was using earlier in the year for BJ's knitted toys. I recently got some at Kmart on clearance for $1.50 a ball which I was very excited about. I really would like to go back & see if there is any left. Anyway, I just spent an hour & a bit making these 3 stars. The easy to follow tutorial is here at The Royal Sisters. It surprised me at how quickly they worked up. These 3 are all different too. I experimented on each. First with one sized hook. Then I thought that wasn't so nice so went down half a size. Much better but there was a second option on the tute for the third round so on the third start I did that option & it came out looking much better. A nice flat pointy star. I am impressed that I made these! lol Thanks to the Royal Sisters for the great tute. Next stop will be the Heart tute & then the Christmas Tree tute. Go & look! You know you want to!!!

I'm right aren't I? They are cute huh? I know you looked!

We've also been talking this morning about Russian Dolls/Babushkas/Matroyskas. I mentioned these measuring cups. We decided they would make a great kitchen tea gift. That is if they are here on time. Either way, I went on line to find some. Was a bit difficult as apparently they were featured on the Today Show the other day so everyone was sold out. I found one site had 2 sets left & bought them on the spot. Actually I know they are already posted too since the shop person phoned me. She told me that 5 minutes later someone else tried to buy the 2 listed but she had to disappoint that lady because I got them! Woohoo! Ok, one set for kitchen tea & one set for me!

Are they cute or what! They split in half for the measuring cups. So 6 different sizes. I had seen them in a couple of magazines recently & really thought them cute. Perfect excuse to get them now!

Just about the weekend again. It will be a busy one although I don't think with this freezing weather we suddenly have, we will be taking BJ to the Christmas Parade in town. Fine with me! Happy weekend!

Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance, oh
You want a piece of my heart
You better start from start
You wanna be in the show
Come on baby lets go
Everybody's working for the Weekend - Loverboy


Sarah said...

Oh I love those measuring cups too. I spotted them recently while I was in Aus. Must go look online to see if I can get them in Uk! Forgot to tell Santa about them...Damn.....
Thanks for popping round mine. x

Carolyn said...

Love your nesting doll measuring cups. So cute