26 May, 2010

Finally Finished Fish

I finally finished my fish last night. Survivor final helped with that as I was home on time to watch the final & some of the reunion. It didn't take long really but I hadn't had a chance to do any of it for a few days! Now I will have to move on to the applique for a bit.

Last night my friend Karen & I went to a Cuppa Suppa at the local LQS. It was their version of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. It is held at night there to allow many of the regulars to attend & take advantage of the specials on the night & also enjoy a homemade supper & some fun things like Lucky Door prizes. I won one of those! Woohoo! The cup below & the cup wrap which is handmade of course with appliqued flowers. I love it. I was extra lucky as I got the first prize so I had the choice of the 3 wraps available. One of the ladies that works there made them all. The fabric are from Nancy Halverson & the pattern is also one of hers I believe from one of the Art to Heart books, but I don't have a clue which one. There are a lot of them. I nearly got a Christmas one but must not increase my ideas on things to make right now.

I was looking through the books last night & only bought a small embroidery one like my animals. Plus a street panel for a mini quilt/play mat for BJ. Ok, he doesn't need a play mat but it was a good deal & you need to buy something when it is such a good deal. It will be an easy sew though really. I will probably get one of the new Advent calendars some other time. I don't need one as I made one from there a couple of years ago but the new one is really cute. I'm sure someone I know would like it!


Karen said...

Love the fish mandy!! and I had a great time last night:-)

Anonymous said...

I love the fish