02 June, 2010

My Friend Geoffrey

Finally another animal to add to the collection. My pelican, named Geoffrey. Can you guess why he is called Geoffrey? As crappy as I have been feeling the last few days, I needed to do something when I had time for a sit down, so this was it. The needleturn applique takes a bit more concentration that I had the energy for so I sat doing mindless backstitching basically playing connect the dots! Nice & simple when your head is fuzzy! So another one down, & ummm... not many to go. Lost count but it can't be many more! This is one of my least favourites of them all but now he is down he isn't so bad either!


Sally said...

Love Geoffery! Got no idea why you have called him that though?!?!? I'm always fuzzy in my brain.
Hope your feel better soon.

Karen said...

he's fantastic!!! hope your fuzzy head goes soon.... I still have mine too..... yuck

Full Little Tummies said...

Hmmmmm. Not sure why he is called Geoffrey, but he is cute all the same.

Hope you are feeling better soon. :-)