04 June, 2010

Some more practice

Amelia Jane by Carol Roberts is the pattern we are working for our Needleturn Applique class.

Mine is going to look quite different!

I had my second class last night. Final one too. We learnt how to make nice circles. I have just cut those out ready to do them. We also learnt how to put 2 fabrics together like the red & dark green flower on the top. That was tricky. I have to do 2 leaves with that plus 2 more flowers like that one. There are still a bunch of petals though. Oh, only 6. That isn't so bad. Outside curves are harder than inside ones. Sometimes I feel like I am getting the hang of it & then I don't. It isn't easy but it's not hard either. Just takes practice. I will aim to get it finished though.

The original pattern as above, shows 4 of these squares all pointing into the centre at the red flower. The design really isn't my style so I will be pleased if I can get one square done. It is a good one to learn needleturn with but I wouldn't attempt 4 - I would lose interest well before finishing them all. But at least I have learnt how to do it. I have a book with some designs in it that use either needleturn or regular applique so I will decide which version I use for that, when I ever get to that project.

It's Friday! Happy Weekend!


Karen said...

Wow Mandy its looking great!!

Sally said...

It looks awesome. I adore the colours that you have choosen - so fresh and vibrant (much nicer than in the original!)
Could you make a tutorial for us readers who want to know how to cut out neat circles???