14 June, 2010

I know it is a bit early but...

... Santa is here!

This is a cross stitch kit that I did for a shop sample for work. It is a Rico Design Stitch Kit. It's rather cute. I have been stitching him this weekend - Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights & then today to do the backstitching when I could fit it in, between other odd jobs. The kit comes with the linen band all with seams etc sewn so you just have to stitch Santa, give him a press & hang him on the hanger that is also included. I really like that. I could do a lot with a couple of the hangers. The only thing it didn't come with is a bunch of gold stars. The string that Santa is holding actually needs 9 gold star charms on it. The kit doesn't have those. So I will take him to work as is & see what stars we can source. Other than that, it's finished as far as I can go.

Busy weekend here with more birthday parties. They should be over for a few weeks. I also have yet another cold which is really a drag. So it's a wonder I have got anything done at all, as it is worse than the one the other week. Maybe I didn't get over that one, but to me it feels like a different one completely. Oh well, about over the worst.

We also had the arrival today of new neighbours in our paddock. We have 3 all black calves now to hang out with & eat our grass. So we did get out a bit today to watch them. They aren't really little but aren't big cows yet either I don't think. BJ & Juneau will enjoy watching them I think.

& that is the end almost of another long weekend. When is the next one due? Can't come around soon enough I think! lol Now back to our regular programming again!

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Borboleta Serrana said...

Beautiful cross stitch!