10 June, 2010

Chugg Chugg, Wooo hoooo

Here we go. Finished train. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this any longer but it was rather tasty. Chocolate Cake & butter cream icing recipes both from the Ladies, A Plate recipe book that I really love. Actually it was the same one I used for BJ's birthday last year. The black edges on the cake are a glitter gel. Then the wheels are made with some biscuits I found yesterday at Woolies called Wheelies. They are small than the average biscuit & look like wheels with the pattern in them. Pretty cool. I used a bit of dusting sugar in green on the roof & Homebrand Fruit Sticks from Woolies for the front edges & the "logs" in the back. Oh & 2 yellow smarties for lights on the front. It wasn't over the top. BJ light up at it when he saw it each time so that was cool. He even managed to blow candles out on the second go. Luckily we didn't have a huge crowd for a party. Just 7 plus him & baby Ruby.

All in all he seems to have had a good day. Me too, as long as we don't think about the backyard chicken massacre this morning. Something to make the day even more memorable of course, but something I could have done without!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for him & myself from the creative space post this morning.


Catherine said...

It looks great Mandy and your son looks like he loved it too. Glad to hear the day went well.:)

Karen said...

What poor chickens... you didn't tell me about that little detail before.... but grose...:-(

Mmmmmmm cake was yum yum yum *licking my lips*

Fruitful Fusion said...

Wow! Great train cake! My boys would love it!

Saara said...

Happy Birthday to BJ from second cousins in Finland!

Sally said...

WOW - loving your cake muchly. Did it taste as good as it looks??? All kinds of wonderful.