07 June, 2010

Well... I actually finished it

Here's my effort at the Needleturn Applique. Sorry it is so wrinkly. I don't know whether to press it or not so I won't yet. Technically I haven't finished it, as really this is only a quarter of the quilt pattern! But... I can't attempt another 3 of these. I can't. Why? Because they would look nothing like this one. Ok, if I tried it there would be an illusion that they would be the same but they wouldn't turn out nearly alike. So I think it is better to not attempt another one. My orange petals didn't even come close to landing in the same sort of area on the second side compared to the first. So what hope have I got to try another 3 whole squares like it? None.

I enjoyed learning it. I did. Another thing to say I have tried. Even though it probably won't be something I do again. I think I like the fusible applique method better. I enjoy blanket stitching believe it or not! I also think my placement of parts of pictures would turn out better if I stuck them down much more securely with that. This method just moved too much. No matter how long I spent trying to get it to be in the right place, it wouldn't end up there in the end. Interesting lesson. So I applaud anyone that can do this technique well. Well done to you.

I must find myself another class like the one last week. I must say I really enjoyed the class the other night after a bit of tutoring on the last couple of techniques we needed to know, it was just nice sitting around with a group of ladies doing some stitching. (plus we had the added bonus of the teacher there to help if we got stuck!) I really need to find me some Brown Owls or some such group to hang out with sometimes & sew/stitch/embroider/knit/crochet with. I am sure I can find some in my area that would join me!

Well this project is complete. I have no idea how I will finish it off. Probably just a cushion if I can find a big enough insert. I will pop it away for now though as I am sick of looking at it! Now it is back to our regular programming.


Karen said...

WOOHOO Glad you finished it Mandy!! I reckon it would make a great cushion!!

Bronny said...

Congratulations on the finish! I fully agree with your feelings on completing a project when you are not so happy with the technique used.
Either a cushion or a tote bag would be great!

Sally said...

Bravo! Congratulations on finishing your needleturn. It looks wonderful... dare I say ace even ;)

I completely understand the joys of crafting with others. So very good for the soul.