06 January, 2012

Week of Random

The new year is already flying by.  I am already behind on some things!  How can it be?  But the week has been crazy & busy & hot!  So a little bit of the week that was...

DJ turned 6 months old already!  Where has the time gone?  So we had a half cake the other day to celebrate!  lol  Any excuse for a party hey!  We also had DJ's first trip to the beach.  I even went for a proper swim myself!  Wow, that rarely happens!  

It's been so hot even the kookaburra wanted icecream!

The big brother giving the little brother a grass hat.  As you do...

The boys got a bubble sprinkler from us for Christmas.  It blows bubbles as well as sprays like a sprinkler.  Lots of fun!  

BJ practising with the camera again.  I just love the look on DJ's face.  He responds to everything that big brother does.  

I have been able to do a little bit of crafting this week!  Miracles do happen!  I decided to join a Crochet Along (CAL) on Ravelry.  It isn't something I really wanted to commit to but the other day while browsing I thought I would try.  It is just for a different 12" square every week that someone there picks as a surprise.  I decided I needed to challenge myself on the crochet front.  I had a book from the library recently that I sat & tried something out of & I couldn't do it!  I thought I should try at least to see if I could do something there & this way I have help from the rest of the group if I get stuck.  This Spring Fling square was certainly a challenge.  I very nearly did fling it too. It took a few days which is long for something as small as one square but with all the interruptions I get & the very small windows of opportunity I have had lately to do any at all, I am pleased I was able to do it.  Plus they are a good size for in summer!  I think this was the hardest piece of crochet I have followed so I am quite pleased I did it.   Really, it doesn't look too bad.  I used an 8ply/DK yarn so it is only 8" but that suits me fine.  I had the acrylic handy to am using what I have.  I will see if I can manage to keep up with the CAL.  It has been amazing to see the other finished squares already as they are the same but different!  Very interesting to see everyone's take on the pattern.  

Have a great weekend!  I hope to get some other fun stuff done now the ironing is once again caught up!  I had to iron fabric I had washed for a project so thought I had better do ironing before I finished playing with the fabric.  :-)


aisha said...

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Taylor Made said...

Great summertime fun photos....I bet the bubbles and water is a great hit. xx

Sally said...

Another great block. I love the colours you're using.

...and I really must have a sprinkle like that. Where did you get it from???