21 January, 2012

I Want To Be Little Again

After my post the other day when I said that BJ was upset because he wanted to be little again (you can find it here), I got to thinking how nice it was to be little.  It's nice to be oblivious to all the grown up stuff going on around you!  I really don't want my boys to grow up too fast but I wonder these days if the way we live does make it happen sooner than it did in my growing up days.  I know I was naive about so many things that went on around me for a long time!  I guess so much has changed & now it will be a good lesson in how to protect my boys from things to a certain degree, before I feel like they need to do or know stuff...

I thought I would have a turn at being little again anyway, with a little group of pictures of me back then...

  1. Myself, little baby Chris & Mum.  No idea where this is.  I can see expressions of BJ & DJ in me there.  
  2. Big sister Judy on the big bike.  Myself & Chris squished on the trike.  We used to spend a LOT of time riding our bikes on our driveway.  
  3. Ours summers were spent camping.  We didn't leave town, we took the caravan over the river to a camp ground there & spent most of the summer there.  They were good times.  Myself & Chris sunbaking!  At least I have zinc cream on my nose, but I doubt the rest of me has any sunscreen!  
  4. Beach babe Me!  You won't see me in a bikini ever again!
  5. Chris, Mum & I again.  This time planting fruit trees in the new garden.  We each had our own fruit tree that we chose.  Mine was a plum tree.  
  6. Judy & I.  My first pay packet.  The olden days when you got paid in cash in a little envelope specially made for pays.  Our Opa had a business & we used to help I guess.  Turned out I ended up working there for 10 years later on so this was the start of a long career.  
So there you go.  I love it that there are gadgets that can convert slides to PC.
Stay cool!

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Bron said...

They are fabulous photos and such great memories. x