25 January, 2012

Practice Is Good

This square looked the scariest of them all so far in our Crochet along challenge, but wasn't at all.  It was time consuming & I had a little disagreement with the Elongated Back Post Stitches, but we kissed & made up after a little while.  Yeah, even the name of the stitches scared me!  This is the New Year's Eve square. It also turned out large, as once again I couldn't make it smaller.  Well I wondered if the green lacy looking bit could have managed with one row less, but I just left it as is.  The Star Odyssey square I did last week is slightly smaller so I will add a row to that one & it will be the same as this.  I am guessing that as I go along making squares it will happen that there are a couple of different sizes, & some that I can't adjust much.  So I will go with it for now, & will end up with two sampler blankets I guess.  That's cool too.  In the meantime I am learning, developing my crochet skills, learning to read patterns better, figuring out some finer points of crochet that I still wonder about each time I change colours, & wonder if I will ever know the secrets to these things.  In the mean time I hope I am doing some of these things right.  I guess time will tell, if the blankets fall apart!

An end of an era today with mum's shop being open for the last time today.  Wow, after 18 long years it is time for her to move on!  It's scary for her but exciting none the less.  Bring on retirement!  Yay Mum!

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Sally said...

Love it. They're not going to fall apart!!!