26 December, 2013

Douglas's Last Days

Days 19 - 24

Quick game of Connect 4 with Ted.

I think Douglas has been reading the book "Aliens Love Panta Claus".  Undies in the tree no less!  Oh & nappies too!  

Spot of baking.  

Trying to hide or swim in marshmallows & candy canes. 

I think the Lego men were sick of Douglas.  

The night before Douglas left he made us some snowflakes!  They looked so pretty hanging up with the dark night sky behind him!  

& then quite pretty by morning light too!  

He didn't make much mess while making snowflakes.  
I think he might be homesick.  

Thanks for following on with Douglas's adventures.  I think our parents had just as much enjoyment out of our elf Douglas as the boys did.  

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Bron said...

Glad he was welcomed into your family and the boys had fun with him.....our elf made a very swift and very unceremonious Exit on Christmas Eve...I think the actual joy and fun of Christmas kicked in.....besides too much last minute stuff had to be done

Happy Boxing