09 December, 2013

Cruising To Christmas

Trying to get in the festive spirit with some Christmas pancakes on the weekend!  They were rather rapt!  lol  Remember the big boy is only 5 so everything is pretty cool right now.  

On a side note - I love my pan!  Yep, love it!  Everything we have cooked in it has been fabulous!  It's from Chefs Toolbox.  They are a party plan thing.   I never spend much on cookware.  I don't usually need to.  But this time I did, & boy was it worth it.  (actually it was partially with birthday money!)  It's a great saute pan that goes in the oven too which has been terrific!  Plus it takes no effort to clean.  Someone asked me if it can go in the dishwasher.  I said it doesn't need to.  It is quicker to wash than a dinner plate!  

Oh & another Christmas ornament...  Not a pretty Santa but it's done.  Another to add to the collection.  


Bron said...

Awesome pancakes...what are you doing on Saturday morning ???? xx

Sally said...

Love your Chrissy breakie. Wish I'd thought of that... next year ;)