24 December, 2013

Shopping Bags

Our little state recently became "plastic bag free", although in the true sense of that title, it's not entirely true.  
Anyway, regardless of what is or isn't, more people are now very concious of shopping with a bag tucked away.  I have seen many a shopper in the supermarket get caught out with a pile of groceries & then having to purchase this other thicker plastic bag.  What a nuisance.  At work the other week we got this new pattern in for this shopping bag that folds up into a little purse size thing.  Not small enough really to hide away nicely in a handbag (well not to me it isn't!) but handy to have maybe in the glove box or something for an emergency shop.  I had a crash course at work while a couple of samples were being made up.  That was handy as that meant I didn't really need to read the pattern & could just sew.  That's my kind of pattern.  Plus they didn't take long to sew at all.  I even learnt French seams!  Posh!  lol  But so easy!  Gee, I didn't think something so easy could have such a fancy pants name!  Anyway, I quite like the results of these quick & handy gifts.   The postcard one in the bottom picture is the only one that I got the fabric for specially.  It was just appropriate for the recipient.  Stash busting for the other three in the process of gifting is a win win!  

BJ had the hat on almost all day!  DJ just had to stand there for a picture cos he has to do whatever the big boy does!  


Bron said...

Love these....where would I get the pattern from?

Love your models too. xxxx

Sally said...

Yep... me thinks I need to know more about that pattern too!

Love French Seams - so neat and tidy ... and yeah I suppose nice and strong for a shopping bag too.