23 December, 2013

New Ornaments

Got a bit excited this week when I had a visit to the scrap book shop.  Ahhh... I like to look there even though I don't scrap book.  I do buy paper from there too though I don't actually use the stuff really!  Well not for scrap booking at least!  

I had to make the boys a Santa letter each.  Pretty simple & quick.  Couple coats of red paint.  Some protective covering over that.  I made a white felt buckle & added some grey & sparkle glue to that.  Then threaded through some black ribbon & glued on & done!  Oh & a glued on hanger which I hope stays, but oh well...  That's that!  

1 comment:

Bron said...

Oh you must show a pic of your whole tree...it must look a treat with all your new decorations ..xxxx