10 March, 2015

Fastest Socks Ever!

The last time I knitted a pair of socks it took me a year & a half to finish the second one.  I stopped at the time on the heel turning.  I don't like it.  It looked rough all the time.

Well, here I have finally tried the After Thought Heel Sock!  Wow!  It has changed sock knitting forever!  No heel turns in sight.  The heel it done last!  Wow!  These were totally mindless really as it is just knitting in circles for basically the whole sock.  A bit of measuring is included but they are the best fitting hand knit socks I own.  So impressed I am that I have started another pair.



Anonymous said...

I've never knitted socks. It always looked too hard. So a wonderful job to achieve all those different instructions.

Sally said...

So do you knit these on DPNs? I need to learn how to do this.