27 May, 2017


Phoebe & Lotte.

Yes, it happened.  The crazy chicken lady that lives here wanted a couple more chickens.

These 2 pretty things are Leghorns.  In my mind they are Foghorn Leghorns.  Don't ask me in a hurry what they are as I will probably tell you Foghorn Leghorns.  

Stuart went to collect these from what turned out to be a breeder today.  These are faulty birds though that can't be shown.  Phoebe has a floppy comb.  Not sure what Lotte's problem is but we'll live with it.  They are still pretty stressed after the move but hopefully settle in soon & lay us some lunch.  

Doris is the boss though...  Doris & Hettie are both in charge around here it seems.  They don't care that they are smaller either!  

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Chickens just love weeds so you shouldn't have to weed around trees anyway.