18 January, 2010

We've Moved!

Well it is done! We have moved house! What an effort that is. I can't imagine how people do it regularly by choice or not! Far out it really sucks doesn't it. All that packing & moving stuff & cleaning up before & after yourself! The moving went well actually & we have been in our new place just over a week already & we really feel at home. That is good I guess. It was weird at first which is no suprise but it felt like home much more quickly than I could have imagined. It is all going well though in the new place. I have found homes for nearly everything. My craft stuff is currently filling a cupboard. The cupboard needs shelving in it though so that will be on the "to do as soon as possible" list. I did a couple of the other things on that list today. I was pleased with myself really. I got the drill out & made holes for the curtain in BJ's walk in wardrobe doorway. There aren't doors on the walk ins in the other bedrooms. Weird. They did have dangly cane type hanging things but we didn't really like them & thought it would be more of a danger to BJ than anything, so my friend & I took them down on the day we moved in. I found Thomas the Tank Engine curtains in Kmart last week. Actually BJ found them. His eyes manage to spot everything with Thomas on it, long before I do! These were the perfect size though & I couldn't have bought the fabric for it. So one of them is now hanging up in the room & looks quite spiffy. I will probably use the other one for on his bed later on when he goes into a big bed. So I have been a bit of the Handylady today. Also put up the hose holder for the vacuum cleaner. (Yes Judy, it is up now!)

It is great to be in the country! But can you believe we are only about 2kms away from our old house! This is a scene that is suddenly familiar - BJ with the horse in the paddock next door. Well the paddock next door is actually our paddock & the horse is actually from the paddock next door to that but we are letting him roam the paddocks. BJ is enjoying the horse there. We must find out the horses name. Juneau our dog is also enjoying the horse. She is quite excitable about the horse, but is now quite used to it & isn't quite to bad as she was thank goodness. It is all new & exciting. I just need to get excited about the possums that dance & party on the roof at night! But that will take a lot longer I think.

We are enjoying the vegetable garden that the previous owner was good enough to plant & maintain a bit before he moved out. We are very lucky. We have masses of beans in the freezer already. Zucchinis are breeding like rabbits I think. We even have potatoes fresh out of the dirt! Wow! I had never picked potatoes before! It's pretty good! We have loads of corn coming & shouldn't be too long now before we can pick them. It's just lovely. We are really going to be challenged now though when we have to start planting & maintaining it ourselves. That will be a whole different story. But we are keen & will certainly give it our best effort.

I haven't done a great deal of crafting lately. There are even less hours in the day suddenly. I have got a few granny squares done in the car on drives to Hobart & Launceston, but that is about all. I have looked at a bit as I have packed, unpacked & rehomed my loads of stuff. I still haven't quite unpacked it all, or placed it somewhere as it needs some thought on how to store it. That will be next. I will look at Howard's Storage World when we go to Hobart in 2 weeks again for BJ to see the doctors.

BJ's burns are healing very well. He is enjoying his feet being rubbed 3 times a day now that is for sure!

Ok, must go catching up on the Net. We are only just reconnected so it has been about 10 days without a computer & I must have lots to see.

I've been through the deserton a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert,you can't remember your name'
cause there ain't noone
for to give you no pain.
A Horse With No Name - America

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Sally said...

I am so glad that you're are settling in well! Happy days.