20 January, 2010

I just made my bed!

Finally at 10.30am today I got around to finishing making my bed! I don't just mean tucking it all back in after sleeping in it either. I actually made the bed covers this morning! I don't use a doona cover on my doona. They are too hard to get off & on for one thing & King size doona covers don't come cheap. So for a while now I have been using sheets. I needed a change of colour. I needed some brightness & variety from the dark red that has been on it for so long & went well with the old bedroom. I got new white sheets the other day. Then I got this striped Prints Charming fabric which was half price at the LNS. It is "Follow Your Imagination" by Prints Charming for Free Spirit. So I just folded the selvedges over & pressed them. Found the centre of fabric & sheet & pinned it on. Then sewed it on the sheet. Easy. Oh & then ironed it all! Very big when you have to iron a king sized sheet. Then I used the striped fabric I had left to make a couple of pillow cases & I had got the butterfly one as well but there wasn't much of that left. Only enough for one case so there it is front & centre to break up the stripes a little. The fabric is really soft. Not sure why or what it is that is different than regular cotton fabric but is has a really softness about it that will be nice in bed. Actually it is on the top of the bed only so shouldn't really sleep on it as such! Now my bedside cabinet needs a facelift too. That will have to wait for a bit though I think. It was fun to get the machine out & sew again after so long.

Sew, A needle pulling thread.
Do Re Mi - Sound of Music


Karin said...

Your bed cover looks great!
Well done!


Sally said...

You're so super clever! Must have been difficult managing all that material. Worth the effort thought. It is great.