20 January, 2010

What do you think of this pattern?

Well what do you think? Interesting? Horrible? Definitely Retro!!!!

Another angle? Sort of

This is actually the tiles on our kitchen floor. Interesting huh? It was something that I really went ekkkk at the first time we came through the house, but the next time it wasn't so bad. Of course we don't even notice them so much anymore. I actually think they are probably the best bit of the kitchen now. The benches are so-so. But we will live with them for now. They could be worse & they aren't so bad that we need to rip them out & reno right away. So in the meantime I am thinking about just keeping the floor clean! It's huge compared to the old kitchen/dining. This actually goes to the right more where the dining table is. So it is nice & spacious for us right now. We are loving it. & there are 2 doors on the right of the picture. One of those is the pantry! Wow! Bliss! I am still quite befuddled about how I bit all that stuff in my last kitchen you know! I don't think I could do it in reverse!

Patterns all around you

Patterns everywhere

Patterns of behavior

Sometimes seem unfair

Can you recognize the patterns that you find?

Patterns - Devo

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Yvonne said...

I think the most important is that, it is easy to clean :0)) I think your kitchen looks really cozy.