26 January, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

First off you have to read the daily news to see who won the Australia medals & so forth. Also important to catch up on tennis results from the night before while you were asleep!

Then it is time to get ready for an Australia Day barbeque with nearly everyone you know. It was lots of fun! This new house is perfect for entertaining as it turns out!

We have a string of crocheted stars in red, white & blue. The tablecloth is an Aussie flag fabric that I got at Spotlight & sewed hems on. Too easy. Plus it was reduced & reduced again so it ended up being cheap as anything which is always a nice surprise when you get to the checkout.

Then of course you have to have a beer & admire the views all around.

It was a really great day. Lots of family & friends, lots of good food, which we will still be eating tomorrow & the day after & probably the day after that! (well not the meat by then but the desserts yes!) Now we have one very overtired boy & a very tired dog. Dog was in a run along the other side of the house but BJ kept going back to feed her Salada biscuits as it turns out! She was one happy doggie! Those to sure hatch cunning plans between them. lol

Then of course Aussie did well in the cricket!

I hope you all had a terrific Australia Day too! If you aren't from Aussie & missed out, well that is a bummer, isn't it? :-)

Australians all let us rejoice,

For we are young & free, . . .

In joyful strains then let us sing,

Advance Australia Fair.

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Cathy said...

Mandy, your little boy with the newspaper is just tooo cute! I would frame that picture! I have one with my son when he was being potty trained sitting on the little potty reading a book, holding it up like your son with the paper. So adorable. My son is now an officer in the army. sigh...it happened so fast. Enjoy each day as I know you are from your pictures! Love the children's block puzzles and toys.