31 January, 2010

Some more washcloths

I have more or less got the hang of these things. I have done a couple over the last couple of days in different stitches.

The green one is Grit Stitch. I couldn't quite get the hang of it & the shape isn't square. In fact it nearly ended up being pyramid shaped. Ekkk... I had trouble with the edges obviously. The rest I more or less got but didn't find the pattern showing up quite so well.

The cream one & brown one are Sedge Stitch. They look good if I do say so myself! I did the brown one first & it took a little while to do but this afternoon I did the cream one in no time. I really like the pattern in that one. I will give the Grit stitch one another go though & see if I can get it right.

I have been using my other cloths from the other day in the kitchen. They do actually make quite good kitchen sponges. I don't use it as a dish cloth exactly but just around the kitchen as I would a sponge. I go through a lot of sponges as I hate how stinky they get. I will try with the original clothes I made in the kitchen for a few weeks, changing them around & washing them as you do & see if that works well for me. Maybe I will use some of these for washers for us next. Does anyone have suggestions for a pattern for a washcloth?

Splish splash, I was taking a bath
Long about a Saturday night.
A rub-a-dub dub just relaxing in the tub,
Thinkin' everything was alright.
Splish Splash - Bobby Darin


Sally said...

Oh my... you're a dishcloth machine!!!

Anonymous said...

My SIL made me a couple of knitted wash cloths. I like them, but sometimes they seem just a little heavy. Have you found that to be true? I love the cream stitch the best. I am crocheting the star, heart, tree and coaster-s from the blog tutor at http://theroyalsisters.blogspot.com. Check it out if you haven't seen them. I noticed these are on several blogs, but this is the only place with the instructions. I used Red Heart Yarn which is a 4 ply acrylic. I would love to have had some wool or cotton. But this is what I had. :)

Chars said...

Finally catching up on reading blogs - Had my parents here for a week and then I needed a week to recover - LOL

These cloths look great - I am about to try the other pattern you sent me :) We will see how it works out - there are stacks of freebie patterns on the web - funnily enough I am beginning to prefer the plain cloths in the kitchen for the tough jobs and the fancy ones in the bathroom, kids grotty faces etc.

I love the fact that you just toss them in the machine...hang them out and its ready to be used again. Much better than comercial cloths!