05 February, 2010


Haven't been doing much of anything lately except playing trains, watching the Wiggles, Hi-5 or Thomas, playing cars, reading Thomas... you get the idea.

Somehow I managed to make the cookies above today. They are these ... Choc Chip Cookies.

Did those while I had to do this cheesecake for lunch tomorrow. Easy & delicious, as I made it last week for our Aussie Day barbeque too.

Have done a little crochet this week. Been working on a couple of granny squares & a couple of washcloths. Took the crochet in the car again to Hobart on Tuesday but was too exhausted to do much. It's been a busy week for the last couple & we are taking a couple days out at home to chill, BJ & I. It's been nice. Today was so hot though, he was running around in nothing but a nappy & still hot as anything. Trying to keep him settled & calm so he doesn't make himself hotter but that didn't always work. lol

C is for Cookie that's good enough for me,

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me,

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me,

Oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.

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Anonymous said...

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheese cake...OKAY,...now you did it...I've got cravings! LOL They look great! Hope you had a great day today. I've been dog sitting and praying. But it has been nice to have the blogs to keep my mind on something entertaining.