25 February, 2010

Autumn Diamonds

I am a bit slow putting these on. I did the one on the left on the weekend & the second one on Monday night. These are with the Anchor Magicline cotton that was in the little suitcase in the other post. I love it. It is such a shame the cotton is discontinued. It really feels nice. This colour range is also lovely. I started each with a different ball & the colour order actually varies in them. Interesting that they would do that. I have one ball left & some ends of balls. So I will probably do one more of the diamonds as I love this pattern. Maybe I will use some of the Sugar'n'Cream instead.

A lovely day at home for us today but not so lovely housework in there too.

Sadie the cleaning lady
With trusty scrubbing brush & pail of water
John Farnham
(ekkk.... I can't believe I am using John Farnham on here!)


Kellie said...

Oh Mandy, these are fabulous. That yarn does look great.

Chars said...

They are so pretty!! I looked at spotlight last Thursday and was not lucky enough to find any...