19 February, 2010

Cheap Diamonds!

Oh I really like this one. It was easy but looks like it wasn't! That's a good thing, isn't it! I even figured out the border but had to keep the little mantra going all the way around - skip, slip, chain, double, skip, slip, chain, double. I used the cotton I got at Spotlight yesterday, the one with the blue thread through the white. That would be 03, if you read yesterdays post. Anyway I really like this pattern for the Diamond Dishcloth & will try it again with one of my firmer cottons, the My Friends yarn from Kmart. This one is really soft & would be a nice cloth for a new baby.

When you have everything
You have everything to lose
She made herself a bed of nails
& she's plannin' on putting it to use.

Cos she had diamonds on the inside,
She had diamonds on the inside
She had diamonds on the inside
Diamonds on the Inside - Ben Harper

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Chars said...

Hey looks really great :)

Have a great weekend.