17 February, 2010

Something smells a bit fishy!

Yesterday I managed these two fish cloths. I am quite pleased with them. The blue one on the bottom is a fighting fish. Grrr.... He took ages. I kept stuffing up the decreasing. Plus cooking tea & watching the Wiggles endlessly probably didn't help it's cause. But the orange fish I have called Hammond, I did last night in an hour all up. Not bad. I was watching the Top Gear special. Quite funny. Richard Hammond cracks me up. Anyway the fish are pretty good to make. Like the acorns they are single crochet so that suits me! BJ might enjoy these in the bath.

Well if the fish isn't on your line,
Bait your hook & keep on trying
Don't let him get you down
There's other boys around
There's too many fish in the sea
Too Many Fish in the sea - The Commitments

1 comment:

Sally said...

They're so adorable!