13 February, 2010

My Place and Yours - Kitchen Love

Oh this meme for the week is going to be one to drool over when I take a minute or 10 to go & check out all the other kitchens or parts there of. If you would like to see what others love about their own kitchens go & see Vic as she has the list at the end of her blog post.

Well my kitchen is really nothing to rave about too much except I love it! This is my new kitchen. It's heaven. It's big! It's sooooo... roomy. The kitchen itself is quite dated, but it really quite suits me for now. Ok, the light fittings are a bit dodgy, & there are a couple of other things, but who really cares. The kitchen is workable as it is. This way I can relax with a toddler in the house, not having to panic about him wrecking some modern pretty kitchen. We have only been in this kitchen for 5 weeks now. It looks like we have lived here forever. The bench is enormous & ends up with stuff all over it. That is one thing about the big bench. It really is a dumping ground for stuff! I was excited about this kitchen as it fit in our really large fridge. I was dreading the thought that it might not but was ecstatic when I measured & found that it would fit easily.

But that is just the kitchen itself. My total heaven in the kitchen is the walk in pantry! Ok, lots of people have pantrys that are walk in. But hey, check this out...

Now isn't that great! It's large! Big even! The freezer fits in there really easily. In fact I could probably get a bigger freezer now! lol This one was bought to fit in the space at the old house. It really is great. Heck there is even hook on the inside right, where I can hang my aprons. The fabric on the right front of pic is actually my apron I bought on etsy.com from the Cause for Haiti shop. Bargain plus supporting a worthy cause. Plus it was Amy Butler fabric! How cool! On the left is my bag I made with Amy Butler fabric too. It's hanging on the door handle. Ok, the door doesn't get shut much, it's one of those louvre doors! hahahah... very modern! NOT!

So that's my large kitchen & my wonderful "I'm in Heaven" walk in pantry. Ok, if you saw my kitchen in the house we just left you would understand my excitement. My old kitchen is nearly as big as the pantry now!

There you go. We had recently updated & renovated the kitchen to include the little dishwasher & the overhead cupboards. The pantry in there is the cupboard that is nearly ceiling height on the right. Not big at all! & now you see why I am excited about the new kitchen. How I ever fit all my stuff into this kitchen I will never know. I don't think I could get it all back in there anyway. My old kitchen was lovely. It is really nice, neat & modern. It was easy to clean with painted doors etc, & a glass splashback that was heaven to keep clean. But I think older is more me. I don't really care about stuff like this right now. I have major "Kitchen Love" for the kitchen in our new place. It works for us now & should do us as is for quite some time as it is even without a dishwasher - the electric variety anyway! lol

Thanks for visiting me at my new place today.

Oh & if you are one of my relies that hasn't seen it yet either, hope you liked having a look too!

This is it
Oh this time I know it's the real thing
I can't explain what I'm feeling
I'm lost for words
I'm in a daze
Stunned & amazed
By your open ways
This is It - Dannii Minogue


Catherine said...

Your pantry is just enormous, how nice to have so much space, I need a bit more of that in my kitchen.:)

melissa said...

Oh - I think my kitchen is the size of your walk in pantry... I'm jealous!

The breakfast bar looks handy as well. :S

marian said...

now that's one seriously HUUUUGE walk-in pantry..with everything 'cept the kitchen sink..lucky you!

Quilary said...

All I can say is "pantry envy"

Lola Nova said...

Yes, I am drooling over that pantry! I love the light that comes into your kitchen, lovely!

Jackie said...

No Pantry here so I'm very jealous of yours. my Freezer lives in the laundry! Great benchtops with plenty of room to make a mess.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I love your pantry too ... I am so jealous of how lovely it looks.