10 February, 2010

Finally a cloth!

I've joined in on Mel's "Cloth-a-long" for lack of anything better to do! hahahahah... as if! But you no how it goes. You plan to do stuff but other stuff jumps up in the way! Well actually I have been making blocks. I have a couple of block orders to fill & I have been trying to do that. I have managed to get most of those done in the evening after the little Mister has gone to bed. At the moment bedtime is rather late as it is just too hot, for him & myself!

Anyway, this is the dishcloth I have worked on in between things. I have just about got another couple to show too. This is the one I like from LionBrand, one of their free patterns. It's the sedge stitch one. I can do this one without thinking too much now & it looks pretty good. It feels quite thick so would be a nice washcloth as opposed to a dishcloth. I have a couple of these I made the other week which I am going to use myself. I had better be a tester on my own things before I give them away. & this yarn is about a 55% cotton & 45% acrylic or something. It is more of my Kmart bargain yarn. (I went there again last week & got the last 6 balls - 75c each, bargain!)

The "cloth-a-long" is good though just to stock up on a few of these things for gifts maybe. So hey, if you get a present from me, then you might end up with one of these later on! Hmmm... if you don't & you would really like one you can ask! If you might get one & you don't want one, ummm... probably bad luck! I am attempting a handmade sort of gift year this year where I can. I wonder if I can.

Have you ever heard of Eremikophobia?
Well it seems that is what BJ has. It is the fear of sand. It has been so stinking hot the last couple of days we have gone to the pool & the beach. Pool ok. Beach bad! Beach so bad! I took his shoes off. Shouldn't have done that. The sand must feel so strange all wet & squishy. Then I sat in a pool of warmed water with him on the beach. I was splashing about & then pulled a handful of sand out & he freaked. Ok, so he doesn't like getting his own hands dirty so I didn't expect him to do it, but I sure didn't expect a reaction like that to my holding the sand. Oh well, it looks like the pool will be the order of the day today if it is as bad & it feels like it will be. They have a nice kids pool at the local one. It's waste deep on me if I sit in it & there are squirty things around it that are quite fun. BJ still doesn't really like water but he didn't freak at the pool the other day like I thought he might. He was watching the other kids playing. I wonder how long it will take for him to play a little if he watches everyone else playing. I will try to go a little bit more with him while it is so warm.

It was so hot yesterday but he still wanted to do the gardening! lol I just let him outside in just his nappy. He was happy. We were watching him with his Thomas the Tank Engine gardening tools, so I snuck out & took a couple of pics. He was just digging. As you do. Dry sand/dirt must be quite different than beach sand!

Have a good day & stay cool!

Me mind on fire, Me soul on fire, Feeling hot hot hot,
Party people all around me, feeling hot hot hot,
Hot Hot Hot - Buster Poindexter

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