18 February, 2010

A little bit of shopping!

I had to take my aunt shopping today. Terrible I know. The worst thing was we had to go to Spotlight! hahahaha... What a chore. Well Aunt is here from England & needed to get out & have a look at what sort of things are available here in the craft world. She didn't expect so much in Spotlight so we took quite some time wandering around, looking at all the different sections.

I came across this cotton in the baby wool section. It is 100% cotton & they had plain stuff as well as these with the flecks through them. They don't have names. Very boring. They are just numbers. So left to right we have 01, 03, 05 & 07. I used 05 this afternoon to make the star cloth there in front. It seems a bit thinner than what I have been using so I tried it on a 4mm hook. I will try a 4.5mm hook for it next.

Actually in the picture the star cloth doesn't look so bad! lol One side I think seemed to flatten out a bit so I know I stuffed up on stitches in there somewhere. It is probably a really easy pattern to work but I found it hard - right from the beginning! Ekkk... not a good sign. But I was determined to end up with something starry looking. I am not used to having to follow a pattern so closely & also the change in stitched from double crochet, to single to half doubles & to what ever etc... I must admit I did nearly frog it. It looks ok. It isn't big though so I would be interested to try it on the bigger hook to see how much difference it makes. I will give it a try with probably 01.

There was a stack of sale stuff in bins & we found these little cases. It had the cotton inside plus a pattern for a crocheted lion to make with it. Well they were marked down to $15. I thought the yarn might well be worth that itself so went to buy it but Aunt said she would get it for me. At the counter we found it had another sticker on it for $5. Wow! So of course I had to check the others but none of the others had the $5 on it so we didn't get more. Bargain of the day. The cotton as you can see is Anchor Magicline so I will have to see if I can find more of that. It looks lovely. This was a bonus though as I now have a little case too! lol

I also got my yarns from American Yarns yesterday. The Lily Sugar'n'Cream looks lovely - well the ones I got that they had in stock. If you go there to buy some, it might say it is in stock but it might not be as I found out. Saved me some money I guess. It isn't like I have enough to use up! I really must try & make March a stash free month! Yeah, as if! lol Well I can try. I was going to try to see how long I lasted at the start of the year, but I'm ashamed to say it wasn't very long.

It won't be long, yeah yeah yeah
It won't be long, yeah yeah yeah
It won't be long
Till I belong to you
It won't be long - The Beatles

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Chars said...

Lovely stash :) Gabrielle was probably out of stock cause I visited in person and walked out the door with quite the stash of yarns... which I have forgotton to share a pic of and I have used most of it for gifts that I forgot to take pics of... really I am hopeless.

I love the cloths that you have made.

Big W sometimes has a cotton yarn in their baby section too... so keep an eye out for it.. not that I am encouraging you to purchase stash...- who me? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!