25 February, 2010

Finally - A New Bag!

I have been wanting to make a bag again for ages as I was sick of the other one. So the other night when BJ finally was in bed I attacked the cupboard & found the boxes of fabrics to see what I had that would work. This is the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern. I sewed it today while BJ had his nap this afternoon. It only takes half a metre of fabric for the outside & then for the inside. So lucky for me I did have some half metre cuts & also 2 of some fat quarters. I have a few fat quarters of Moda Marbles but not many that I have 2 of so I was nearly struggling to find any 2 fabrics to go together. Luckily I found a marble blue that would go with my Alexander Henry Owls. I was a bit sad about cutting into them but now I get to drag them all around town with me. They get out to see the world! But I still have the white owls to use, but only a fat quarter of that one. Oh well... I did add about 2 inches to the length of the bag & then a bit to the straps too. I basically used up the whole half metre on it that way. Groovy! Plus a bigger bag for more stuff/crap! Hahahaha...
Free as a Bird
It's the next best thing to be
Free as a Bird
Free as a Bird - The Beatles


Sally said...

I love the fabric. I've never sewn a 'proper' bag before. Once again you're filling me with inspiration.

Chars said...

Wow well done - it look great