14 February, 2010

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

I have had a rather busy weekend. Well productive more than busy I guess.

I made chutney. For the first time ever, I have made chutney! I am pretty rapt with my effort. We tried it last night with our dinner. It was good. We aren't really big sauce eaters & so this is something that will get used occasionally instead of tomato sauce. I will use this as a pasta sauce as I don't like the stuff you buy in the supermarket. I got the recipe from the book "A Year in a Bottle" by Sally Wise. It's a good book. I am sure there will be other things I will make from it as our garden continues to be fruitful. We still have a lot of tomatoes so I will make more in the next day or two.

I also sewed these cushion covers for the floor cushions. The small one was here left by the previous owner for BJ to sit on. I had this cool pirate fabric that I got a while back & had intended for floor cushions, so finally I made them. I had bought the other cushion on sale some time. It's a European cushion so nice & big. (though I think it will be flat quite soon!) BJ thinks the cushions are pretty comfy anyway.

Finally I have a couple more cloths for the cloth-along. These are two acorns from the Lily Sugar'n'Cream website. They were easy! I was impressed. Though my first one turned out better than the second one like usual but still it's not bad at all. They worked up quite fast too. Best of all, it was all single crochet! I can do single crochet!!! Without having to go & find a video tute each time to remind me how!!! hahaha... Anyway, they are pretty cute, quite large & should make good kitchen cloths.

This is one I did on Friday. It's bad. I was trying another cotton with it. This was my second attempt. I undid the first one with different thread. This is some other thread that is too course & seemed thin also in the end. So I won't use it again for these.

So there you go. Busy with different stuff. It's good. We even got some gardening in in between the rain today. But now we don't have to water the garden again so that's cool.

It takes a little bit of this
Hoah with a little bit of that
A little bit of good
Yeah with a little bit of bad
You know that life's a contradiction
And you can't escape the fact
You gotta take a little bit of this
With a little bit of that
Little bit of this, A little bit of that - Carolyn Dawn Johnson


Karen said...

wow you have been busy!! so was the chutney hard to make? I've never made it before either.

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Hi Mandy, one visit deserves another - thank you. Not only do we both seem to love good coffee, but books too! Look forward to hearing from you again. I'll visit again soon. (sorry, but I couldn't see your email address, so doing this via comment) Jenny

Chars said...

HI Mandy..

What is the cloth-along?? I like the acorns they are cute.