07 March, 2010

Still here but busy!

Now there's a surprise. If I wasn't busy with a toddler that would be stranger I think.

It's been a funny old week. But I guess I had better get used to it. I have been able to fit in a little crochet & stay tuned in a few days for a cool update on that. Well I think it is cool anyway.

We've been busy in the garden. Lucky for us it is a long weekend though. I don't know if a garden is ever finished with work that needs to be done. We are concentrating on the vegies though as we have finished a lot of the summer ones & are trying to get some planted for winter. We put a few seeds in pots today. BJ & I that is... he got quite into it as you can see. He needed to put a glove on like me for one thing. Never mind that they are mens size so they were huge on me. But here we are putting seeds in. He put seeds in the holes. Well sometimes he put 2 seeds in the holes! lol He really likes to help & he really likes to copy & boy does he pick things up fast. It's so fun doing things like this with him.

Then of course you must water the seeds. Ok, we nearly could have made mud pies but oh well. He had fun & hopefully he will enjoy watching them grow as much as we will! lol

I spent a lot of time today putting the last of the vegies in the freezer. We have done quite well & hopefully we can keep it up. I think we are going to be living on pumpkin soup for the winter as well as potato soup probably though! It should be interesting! Maybe some tomato soup occasionally for some variety!

Hot potato, hot potato
Hot potato, hot potato
Hot potato, hot potato
Potato, Potato, Potato
The Wiggles

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