31 March, 2010

It's all about Easter

Phew, things have been busy preparing things for Playgroup today. Being one of the groups co-ordinators has turned into quite a job but not a bad one by any means. Being the week before Easter I had to organise something to do there.

Monday I was busy making these gingerbread cookies. It took a little while as I didn't have an egg shaped cutter so I cut them all out with a paper template & a knife. Tuesday morning saw me trash the kitchen while I iced them. Actually it was quite fun. I had about 54 cookies though so it took a little bit of time, but it got done nice & early. Tuesday afternoon saw the egg shaped cookie cutter arrive when Karen found one for me. (thanks Karen!). So I am set for next Easter now aren't I? (I suppose I do still have time this Easter to use them! ) lol These proved to be very popular though with the big people as well as the kids. Lucky for me I still have quite a few left.

We did have an Easter egg hunt too. The Easter Bunny snuck into the playground while the kids were inside playing. It was cute, as once they were told the Easter Bunny had been their faces lit up! The eggs got divided up between them all into little rabbit holders that I had cut out the other day too.

In case there were kids that couldn't have chocolate or there were some really little ones there that won't eat it yet, I made carrots! I figure the really young ones that can't eat chocolate yet, can at least eat their vegies!

So with Stu's help yesterday we made a bunch of carrots. They are pretty cute & really simple when you think about it! These are filled with mini Cheezels. Most of the chips/crisps here in Aussie aren't quite are orange as I had seen they have in the USA. But maybe that's a good thing when you think of all the colouring that must be in them. Anyway the eggs, cookies & carrots all went down well.

The colouring pages & the Easter Egg craft I took along too went down quite well as there were no colouring pages left & only a couple of eggs to decorate so the bigger kids all got stuck into glueing & decorating so that was nice to see. It is worth putting in a little bit more effort for a special holiday for the kids as usually you know they will enjoy the difference in routine which is hopefully something they will also remember. The mums enjoyed it too from the feedback I got so that was good. It all makes the time & effort worthwhile then I guess. (beside the fact that I enjoy doing it anyway! )

Now let's resume our regular craft programming schedule. lol

(April) You're the Easter Bunny when you smile
Yeah, Yeah, my hearts in a whirl
I love, I love, I love my little calendar girl
Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka

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