27 March, 2010

My Creative Space & Thrifted Finds

Jumping in again on the creative space at Kootoyoo. It's a fun meme I think.
Also adding here to my thrifted finds with Sophie! Check out her blog too for other thrifted finds from the weekend. Very cool to see what treasures people come up with.

I thought I would show off my Golden Hands.

These are right out of the 70's craft books. Very groovy man.


But really they are quite good craft books & a lot of what is in them can be used these days but with current stuff that is a bit more trendy for now! That being said, it doesn't mean that I will actually make anything out of them either. But for $5 from a church fair I had to take them home with me. There are 18 of them. I am presuming that is the complete set. They are in really good condition too. Faded spines are to be expected after all these years but after a dust & a wipe they look pretty darned good to me! Just have to find somewhere to put them now!

I suppose really I should show you the single bed for BJ that I am in the process of staining & varnishing but it stinks too much out there so I won't. Plus it isn't very picturesque.

Or I could show you the things I have been doing getting ready for Easter at Playgroup on Wednesday but I can't show you that yet.

We've got a groovy thing goin' baby

We've got a groovy thing.

Simon & Garfunkel


Karen said...

I would love to have a look in those books, they look very interesting:-)

Susan L (lily40au) said...

so amazing ... and i look forward to seeing the bed when it's done.

Cherie said...

Oh Yes!!! I've lugged my Golden Hands round since I subscribed to them in the 70s! They're timeless ... you have great taste ;)