18 March, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm playing along with Kirsty at Kootoyoo today & showing you my Creative Space. Rather different & unusual but hey, it's what I've been up to today.

On Sunday we took a plastic bin to the beach & stole some. Yep we stole some beach. Hahaha... & here it is. This is our sand box. BJ doesn't like sand. He doesn't like the feel of it I guess. He doesn't like touching it much still with his hands. He definitely doesn't like standing on it on the beach. This could be since his accident when he burnt his feet & his feet may be a bit sensitive to stuff we don't know. So we thought we would get some beach to play with. He has had it sitting around for a few days now & goes & has a little play in it occasionally. I really like the drift wood, the sponges & rocks though. He likes those too as long as the sponges aren't wet. We did put those in a tub of water today too to play in & they are very different wet as dry.

Lucky I remembered the bucket of pavement chalk in the cupboard. That was fun. BJ thought that was pretty ace to scribble but then of course I had to draw things for him so he kept giving it back to me. So we did a really big flower, which he did get down to sniff. lol Then a guitar one of his favourite things. He did strum it a few times too. Ok, so it is obvious I can't draw but it worked for a 1 year old!
So that's my creative space today, for most of the day. I did get a couple of sets of blocks done inbetween times but it is a slow process. Pavement drawing is much more fun. Now it is starting to rain so it will be all clean for some more tomorrow!

How we love to lie around
Girls with tans of golden brown
The girls on the beach
Are all within reach
Girls on the beach - The Beach Boys

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Megan said...

nice backyard beach acquiring. i remember taking the long drive (3+ hours) to the nearest beach as a child to acquire some of it to take back to red dirt country for just the same purpose (although, i already loved the sand)