08 March, 2010

Woohoo! My Blanket!

I am a bit happy today as my granny blanket is done! I started this back in November or so. Can't quite remember. But I taught myself how to crochet with these. Some of my early squares are a bit dodgy but hey you can see how I progressed! I just hope the whole thing stays together now! I tried a couple of different methods to sew them together. I really liked one, but it made a front & back & with a blanket I didn't really want that.

It is for BJ really. He knows it is his. I put it on the floor to look at it when I had finished putting the squares together. He sat on & then lay on it. Then hid under it. It was a battle to get it back. He took it back off me & then put it back over on the floor so he could hide again. When I started the border I put it out again. He tried the same this time & then started to pull the thread. Lucky it is crochet & not a worry about unpulled stitches. I'm quite pleased with my first effort at such a thing. It is a bit wrinkled on the edges still. I really should block it. I made up my own edge & maybe it was a bad idea as it may be just a bit too wrinkly looking. I don't know if blocking it will help that. Maybe I won't bother though, BJ doesn't seem to mind. The edge gives it character. It is amazing how different the squares look though once you sew them up. Anyway, I'm happy with it. It's not perfect but it was a nice thing to learn & BJ loves it so I'm happy!

Sunday, Monday, Happy days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy days
Thursday, Fridays, Happy Days
Saturday, What a day
Groovin' all week with you.
Happy Days Theme Song


Chars said...

Great work :) I think the edge looks great as is and I wouldn't worry about blocking it especially since BJ is happy with it as is.

Sally said...

Wonderful. Congratulations on finishing your blanket. So how did you end up putting it together? Whip stitch... or is it crocheted? I can't tell.
You must be so thrilled with it. You are my crochet queen.